Travel Chaperone

At West Coast Rehab, we want to make sure that you have everything that you for success. Early recovery can be a challenging time, and self will isn’t always enough to fight the temptation to drink or use. That’s why, we offer travel chaperone services to our clients to ensure that their experience getting to and from treatment is a safe one.

What is a travel chaperone?

A travel chaperone (also called a sober companion) is someone to help get you to treatment safely. They will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your addiction doesn’t jeopardize your desire to get well.

Your travel chaperone will likely be someone who has successfully completed treatment in the past and has at least 3 years of continuous sobriety. Your travel chaperone, having gone through the same experience, can be a great resource for you as take this crucial step in your journey to a new life.

Depending on the circumstance and the severity of drug use, a medical professional (such as a nurse) may act as travel chaperone to ensure that you are safe and medically stabilized as you make your way to treatment.

What travel chaperone services does West Coast Rehab offer?

At West Coast Rehab, we offer a number of travel chaperone services:

  • Travel chaperone to escort you from your home to the treatment facility
  • Travel chaperone to escort you from the treatment facility to aftercare (IOP, sober living, etc)
  • Travel chaperone to escort you from the treatment facility back to your home
  • Travel chaperone to escort you to events during treatment (weddings, court dates, etc)
  • Medically trained travel chaperone support