At West Coast Rehab, we understand that not every person who needs treatment is willing to seek help on their own. That’s why we offer Interventions and Intervention Services to people who need help getting their loved ones into treatment.

What is an intervention?

Interventions are orchestrated attempts to get a person to enter treatment. An intervention gives the family and friends of the potential client the opportunity to express their feelings about the potential client’s substance abuse as well as create boundaries for themselves moving forward. The end goal of an intervention is to get the potential client to agree to enter treatment.

How do I know if my loved one needs an intervention?

There is no “official” criteria for determining whether your loved one is in need of an intervention. If you have made unsuccessful attempts at getting them help, feel as though you can no longer deal with their addiction or if you feel that their lives are in danger as a result of their substance abuse, then an intervention could be a powerful tool to getting them into treatment.

What can I expect from Interventions with West Coast Rehab?

After an initial phone assessment, your interventionist will schedule a pre-intervention meeting for you and any other loved ones that will be a part of the intervention. During this meeting, you will review a number of issues, including how best to approach the potential client during the intervention, things to say and not to say, what boundaries to set, how to address codependency and get the family healthy and what to do following the intervention.

Just like our treatment programs, every intervention is individualized to address the specific need of the potential client and loved ones involved.