Family Therapy

Addiction is a family disease. When one member of the family is abusing substances, it affects every other member of the family and the family as a whole. And every member of the family needs help in healing from the disease of addiction.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive Family Therapy Program at West Coast Rehab. We believe that freedom from addiction means successful treatment of ALL family members, not just the person suffering from addiction.

Do we really need family therapy?

While every family is different, in a short answer – YES.

Addiction affects EVERYONE in the family, and every person needs support in finding their own sense of recovery. Through support, education and therapy sessions, the family unit can truly begin to grasp the effects that addiction has had on the family and how to break free from them.

The first step in recovery for family members is understanding that while they can’t control their loved one’s addictions, they CAN take control over their own health, happiness and well-being.

Will the family have therapy WITH the client?

In most cases, yes. Family integration into the client’s treatment process is essential.

But again, every family is different, and it will be up to the primary therapist to determine the level of family involvement in the client’s treatment program.

What can I expect from Family Therapy at ROIA?

At West Coast Rehab, we use our Family Therapy Program as a way to heal the family unit as a whole. You will work both individually and collectively with a primary therapist to understand each person’s role within the family and how you can create new, healthier behaviors to support both the addict AND yourself.

Our Family Therapy Program includes:

    • Group Sessions
    • Individual Sessions
    • Clinical Presentations
    • Reading and Writing Assignments
    • Individualized Aftercare Planning