Daily One-on-One Therapy

One of the core elements of each individualized treatment program is our daily one-on-one therapy. Every client received 5 therapy sessions per week with a therapist.

Why is daily one-on-one therapy necessary?

Individual therapy is a critical part of the treatment process. Working individually a primary therapist gives clients the ability to open up on a deeper level and address their personal struggles and needs with the privacy of a one on one setting. More frequent sessions with a therapist help to build trust and rapport, further giving the client the ability to truly connect with their core issues. Addressing issues on an individual level gives clients’ the foundation they need to do further work in a group therapy setting.

Individual therapy is essential in helping clients to identify their core issues, learn how to better express their feelings, work through challenges, set goals and make plans for their future in sobriety. It also helps them to address underlying contributors to their addiction, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, fear, life transitions and self esteem issues. Getting the opportunity to work with their therapist on a daily basis only strengthens the therapy process.

How does the daily one-on-one therapy process work at West Coast Rehab?

Upon admission, you will be assigned a primary therapist. Your primary therapist will be your main point of contact, and you will meet with them on a daily basis to begin working on your issues. As your treatment progresses, your therapist will consistently evaluate and adjust your therapy plan as necessary. This could mean the addition of adjunct therapy sessions with therapists who specialize in a certain area.

The ultimate goal of daily one-on-one therapy at West Coast Rehab is to provide you with the support that you need as often as possible.