Treatment Overview

Our drug and alcohol rehab programs include:

A Healing Setting

Clients recover in our peaceful and private Dana Point, South Orange County, California facilities, located in the most prestigious scenic areas of Dana Point. We provide an array of amenities so that they may heal in the utmost comfort, focusing on their recovery. Our facility, an Ultra-Luxury six-bed residence featuring large rooms with private and semi-private baths and additional amenities for high-profile clients who desire additional anonymity.

Highly Individualized Care

Using extensive medical and psychological assessments, we work with clients to develop a unique multidisciplinary and multi-sensory program designed to match their interests. Because we only accept a small number of clients at a time, they receive an unparalleled amount of one-on-one attention. We offer both 12-step and non 12-step programs, traditional therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and process groups as well as alternative treatment approaches. Clients participate in several hours of individual therapy per week and also meet with a life-purpose coach to identify goals.

Treatment for the Whole Self

At West Coast Rehab, not only do we help clients manage the uncomfortable early effects of withdrawal, we address their psychological, physical and spiritual needs. Treatment may include cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, music and art therapy, biofeedback, acupuncture, physical fitness training, nutrition education and much more. Our goal is not just to treat a client’s addiction but to help them live life with purpose and joy.


We offer both short- and long-term treatment programs, based on the needs of the client. Some clients choose to stay 30, 60 or 90 days, but we also offer shorter rehab programs starting at 14 days. Throughout treatment, we work closely with our clients to regularly assess their treatment plan, adapting it to their evolving recovery path.

Family Involvement

We understand that addiction affects the whole family. Family members are invited to participate in the therapy process and are kept apprised of their loved one’s condition and treatment decisions. In addition, a once-a-week Family Day allows clients and those closest to them to come together to learn, heal and grow under the attentive care of our experienced recovery support team.

Tailored Aftercare

We help prepare clients to move beyond the protected environment of the rehab experience, so that they can successfully navigate any challenges to their sobriety upon their return home. Each client helps craft their own aftercare plan with the help of the aftercare coordinator. Part of the plan will include phone sessions with their aftercare coordinator and therapist in the month following their treatment.