Assessments can be a helpful tool in understanding your addictions and behavioral health issues, how they have progressed and the effect that they are having on your life. They are also beneficial in helping clinicians determine the course of treatment that is going to work best for you.

Should I take a self-assessment?

Self-assessments have gained popularity in recent years due to their ease and accessibility. Self-assessments normally consist of a number of questions about your substance use, behaviors and resulting problems in your life. The answers given determine whether or not you have a problem with drugs, alcohol or mental health. While self-assessments are certainly convenient, there are definitely some downfalls.

Many addicts use self-assessments as a reason to avoid treatment. If they feel that the questions or scenarios don’t directly relate to them, they take that information and affirm to themselves that their own issues are “not that bad” or that they don’t need to seek treatment.

While we understand the appeal of self-assessments, we do not use them or endorse them at West Coast Rehab.

The right assessment for YOU

Addiction is a complex issue and every person is unique. That’s why every client who calls us receives a thorough assessment from a trained and qualified clinician. This eliminates inaccurate self-diagnosis and ensures that you will get the care and help that you need to overcome your unique set of addiction related problems.