Salvia Addiction Treatment

Treating Salvia Addiction

Salvia is a hallucinogenic plant extract, known for it’s distorting and often-unpleasant effects on the human psyche. The drug is relatively new to the market, and as such has a range of effects such as anxiety and hallucinations—and others that remain to be seen. Although salvia addiction can cause a disconnect from reality and harm relationships with family, the West Coast Rehab (West Coast Rehab) has comprehensive programs with proven results to help you make a full recovery.

Putting Salvia Addiction in the Past

Depending on the severity of the case of salvia addiction, clients can attend West Coast Rehab’s medical detox shortly after intake. During this process, all our patients are overseen by a team of doctors who make sure everything is as safe and comfortable as it can be. Medication is also available to help ease any withdrawal symptoms. Once detox has ended, our clients are put in private rooms with comfortable accommodations, and are begin working with their own counselors who they meet with for one-on-one therapy everyday. West Coast Rehab’s treatment is all based in evidence-based science, and includes CBT, Motivational Interviewing, mindfulness, relapse prevention, family therapy, and 12-step support. Finally, West Coast Rehab’s staff always outnumbers the clients, to make sure that everyone gets all the individual attention they need.

A Life Free from Salvia Addiction

Salvia addiction can have many strange effects on the brain, and can even make it seem like a normal life will be impossible to achieve. Our team of professionals at West Coast Rehab are here to tell you that a full recovery is possible, and there is always hope. Remember that you are not alone, and we have treated many clients facing similar problems. Though the first step is always the hardest, admitting there is a problem is the only way to get better. Call West Coast Rehab today, and see if our programs can help you put your salvia addiction in the past.