Codeine Addiction Treatment

Treating Codeine Addiction

Codeine is a narcotic sometimes found in prescription cough syrup, though it’s also available in pill form as prescribed for moderate to severe pain. While codeine can be used safely in a medical setting, as a narcotic drug it has a high potential for abuse as well. If left unchecked, codeine addiction can result in a range of negative effects including liver and kidney damage, bradycardia, muscle spasms, coma and death. That’s why the West Coast Rehab (West Coast Rehab) is here to help. West Coast Rehab has a professional staff and a wide range of evidence-based treatment to help patients overcome codeine addiction.

An End to Codeine Addiction

Because codeine addiction has serious effects on the body and mind and can cause withdrawal symptoms, many clients at West Coast Rehab must begin treatment by going through a medically supervised detox. During detox, patients flush out the poisonous chemicals in their body and return to baseline health so treatment can begin in earnest. All clients staying at West Coast Rehab get their own private rooms and personal drug counselors to meet for individual therapy. Treatment at West Coast Rehab is evidence-based and steeped in neuroscientific research, with methods including CBT, Motivational Interviewing, mindfulness, relapse prevention, family therapy, and 12-step support. There are always more staff on site than there are clients to guarantee individual attention. Those in need of family therapy can also find it at West Coast Rehab.

Life Without Codeine Addiction

Codeine addiction is a serious problem with severe consequences on the body and mind. Although the road to recovery is not without speed bumps, our staff at West Coast Rehab have successfully treated many difficult cases before. As such, we assure you that a full recovery is possible. Call us today, and see if our proven treatment programs can help you put an end to your codeine addiction.