Chronic Relapser

Not everyone who struggles with substance abuse recovers after their first attempt at sobriety. Addiction is a chronic disease, and relapses into addiction can and do happen. But when a person repeatedly relapses into old behaviors and addictions, specialized treatment is needed to help them overcome their specific challenges. That’s why at West Coast Rehab, we offer treatment specifically geared towards Chronic Relapser.

What is a Chronic Relapser?

According to Addiction Professional chronic relapsers often exhibit some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Numerous failed attempts at sobriety and/or a return to substance abuse after a prolonged period of sobriety
  • Continued drug and alcohol use despite serious consequences (including physical, emotional, financial and social)
  • Inability to maintain sobriety despite understanding the dangers of addiction and the benefits of recovery
  • Disbelief and/or hopelessness that they possess the ability to maintain long term sobriety
  • Multiple stays in treatment, including detox, inpatient, psychiatric treatment and outpatient
  • A thorough understanding of treatment structure, terminology and operations and the ability to use that understanding to resist fully engaging in treatment

How does West Coast Rehab treat Chronic Relapser?

At West Coast Rehab, we understand that people with a history of repeated relapses need specialized care to address their continued use. Upon admission, all clients will have a thorough clinical assessment to review their substance abuse and relapse history and create an individualized treatment plan to address their specific needs. This may include extended care, family involvement, specialized therapists, medication management and/or community group support.

We believe that no matter how many times a person has relapsed, they have the ability to flourish in sobriety with the right support. At West Coast Rehab, they can find it.